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Setting Up a Twitter Account
(8/28/2014 2:49:00 PM)

Twitter creates opportunities for a single person or a large business. The first step to getting your name out there is creating a Twitter profile for you or your business. This is an important and sometimes daunting step, this is your company you are putting out there and  representing it well makes or breaks business. Say you have just created an account for Twitter, and now it comes down to filling out information on your profile, what are the dos and don'ts and how to make it effective.

Writing a bio and selecting an image. The Twitter bio allows for your to enter up to 160 characters as a description. Keeping it short and sweet, describing what your company does, the products it sells, or services are all good professional options. Along with the bio, having a profile picture to represent is a good idea, more people follow those who have profile pictures than the standard egg picture. A good profile picture can be your companies logo or character, if you want one of yourself, choosing one focused on your face, smiling, looking directly at the camera or looking left is a safe option.  Keeping it clean and professional reflects a good attitude and a more approachable business.

you name and Twitter handle. Your Twitter handle is your Twitter name, it is what people identify you and respond to, it is also the name that has the @ sign. An example of this would be @johnsmith. Using a Twitter handle that is your company name or similar makes it easier to find as well as remember. below the bio you have the option to put a link on your profile page, this should be the companies main site or a site where consumers can reach you on. stay away from adding http.www. in front of the link, it is not necessary and makes the link look messy. Across of the link lies the location and pictures area. You have the ability to put the location of your business, choosing city state or country is a good option rather than address. Web searches will use your location when people use geo-search.

Your pictures like your profile picture should be professional. Employees or you partying, drinking, or doing non professional things is best left out of the pictures. Of course showing the company property or complex, happy employees (with their consent) and products are alright. Keeping it related to your business and overall profile.

Lists on Twitter allow you to put groups of Twitter users together to keep organized, clicking on the list will take you to the timeline allowing you to read tweets from users only from that list. This is a great way to stay organized, you also have the ability to follow other peoples lists and them yours. The other ability of lists is that someone you may have not followed can be added to a list and you can still see their tweets.

Overall when creating a Twitter profile to represent you or your business, you open the door to opportunities of connecting with many other people. Keep it authentic and do not resorting to lying in order to make you appear more attractive to customers. Try and keep content related to the business or brand this includes pictures, links, and bio. Now with some helpful tips, go out and get that Twitter account going., Inc. BBB Business Review