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Hash tags and Trends; Talking Twitter
(8/29/2014 2:54:00 PM)

Hash tags are ever popular and used quite often in social media, including major sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google plus. The hashtag was originally developed by Twitter users. The purpose was to find tweets by topics and resulted in a better way to organize. If someone were to tweet about their trip to hawaii they might use a hashtag like #hawaiiadventures. Hashtags are not just used to highlight a main point, they are also used for in a more comedic fashion. The hashtag can also be added to the front, middle, or end of the tweet you are writing.

Things to keep in mind when writing hash tags. When putting a hash tag into your tweet, remember it is still using characters up. Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters so make that tag count. It is recommended that the keyword be under 6 characters. Stay away from using just numbers unless it is part of the name of to signify date. In hash tags spaces are not supported as well as special characters like exclamations, dollar signs, and and symbols. Know what the word means to other countries and see how it relates, a lot of people around the world use Twitter. Connecting through Twitter with hashtags is huge, wanting to find talk about a favorite show, other people are tweeting about it too and you just click through the hashtag to find it. and it will show you the results for that search. When hash tags are used over a large amount of people they may show up in trends.

Trends? Twitter trends topics are topics that are popular at certain intervals of time. Trends themselves are actually calculated by an algorithm that according to Twitter finds topics that relate to who you follow and where you are located. This means that the trends you see are more likely going to interest you to read rather than not. If the user does not like the personalized trends they can choose to change it. By going into advanced Twitter search operators you can choose what trends to see. Once clicking onto a trend you will see the results from the Twitter search, results include tweets with phrases and hashtags relating to the topic.

In order to take part in a trend all you have to do is tweet with words, phrases, or hash tags exactly relating to the trend. Be warned though, a lot of people participate in these discussions so it will be difficult to find you post in the list. Have no fear though, those who follow you will be notified and be able to see the tweet. To join, all you do is post a tweet that includes the exact word or phrase as it appears in the Trends list, as with a hashtag. In trends where large volumes of micro-bloggers participate, you might not easily find your post in the list, but your own followers will surely be able to see what you’ve posted.  Getting out there into the community is a good way to get publicity  or boosting your reputation. However if you are a business or it a professional account, being cautious about what you follow and take part in however, especially on highly disputed topics.

Hash tags, trends, and Twitter go hand and hand. Bringing you to a place where communication and trading information is key, Twitter does it short and sweet. Join us again for more blogs about twitter., Inc. BBB Business Review