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Business to Pinterest
(9/2/2014 1:20:00 PM)

Social media is huge in today’s marketing world. There is a rising social media site that allows a business to visually represent itself, which proves to be very effective. An advertisement that includes an appealing image will have 3x the chance of engaging the audience. Pinterest is mostly known for its crafty ideas and wedding photos, but this social web page is starting to expand itself along with your company. Although Pinterest is still not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, it is crawling up the ranks.

Pinterest is a great place to introduce a company. There, you can visually represent the business for the public to see. A business can now represent itself in many new ways that are not available on normal social media sites. Your business now can visually advertise itself on the web. You can pin products they produce or products you are interested in or are similar to your own. Only pinning advertisements of your business or pins of your products will make your board appear boring and unrelatable. Pin some of your interests or hobbies. Getting into your hobbies and your company’s interest will allow for customers with the same hobbies and interests to become more involved.

Pinterest allows for a user to have multiple boards. Each board can have its own theme or topic. These themes or topics can represent something of the company. One board may be of just employees, it can have pins that include something about the employee and what they like to do or what kind of person they are. Another board can be of what your company is about. Not necessarily advertisements, but what you and your company stands for. You can have one board of related companies or products that your customers could be interested in. There may also be a board of news articles or blogs of topics that relate to your company. Your Pinterest boards can be of just about everything, so be creative!

It is important for the business to follow some of your own followers. It allows for you and your business to interact with, understand, and know who your audience are customers are. Linking your Pinterest board to other forms of social media will let your company’s reputation expand for the viewers, customers, and followers., Inc. BBB Business Review