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The Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing
(9/4/2014 2:32:00 PM)



Working with social media is extremely time consuming and may take a lot of effort. Social media marketing is an ongoing process. Your social media page needs constant attention, and if not you may lose customers interest and you may lose followers. The time a company puts into it’s social media, may not make up for the money that is being saved from the typical original form of marketing.

Social media marketing may become difficult to find new angles and perspective of your products and services. Plus the continuous posting and reposting information to keep your consumer’s attention may be extra tricky. On average a post can last around 12-24 hours, depending on the site and the consumer. After 12-24 hours the post will either be booted from the consumer’s view or become old information. These posts must also be worded as such of a casual conversation or as if a real person is talking to them. That process has proven to be very difficult due to that it all depends on your audience.

A major disadvantage of a social media page is that your business may receive a negative comment. These negative remarks are not always removable, and can be visible to the public. Bad news can go viral quickly, and most of the time there is no way to control it. There are five major risks of social media. They are the viruses that can access your profile, brand hijacking, the lack of control over corporate content, unrealistic customer expectations, and the issues with the record management regulations.

These risks and disadvantages can all be avoided if social media marketing is done correctly. Be sure that as a small company you do your research and know what you are getting into. Research your consumers and base your strategy from there. Know the time it takes and plan for a limited of time per day to update each social media page. If you know what your company is doing, and what it is capable of. If you know what it is that you are doing then you won’t have to worry about the disadvantages of social media marketing., Inc. BBB Business Review