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Photography; taking a good picture for your site
(9/10/2014 8:52:19 PM)

Any time you can make a connection with people, whether it be a handwritten letter, good content, blogs, websites, or a phone call, it is important to make an impression. One of the best ways to do this is to add visual aids. Using photos, you can add messages, create feeling and have an overall eye pleasing document.

Familiarize, the best way to get closer to your customers is to let them know you. sharing pictures of the office environment or events that you take part in. Businesses who post to Facebook see a 37 percent increase in views that contain pictures. That means if you typically have 150 viewers a post, with a 37 increase, you would add 55 more people to that count. Adding more perspective to a product is important as well. People want to see what they are buying. The more angles to view at, the better response you will get. Most buyer that were surveyed say that a good quality image was more important than a long description or product specific information. Having relevant images for your product or site is key as well. A picture of your crew having a barbecue on the contact us page is not exactly relevant. The point is to make a connection, not force an awkward interaction.

Images that have the most appeal are ones with good light. If the photo is too dark it becomes hard to view, and make out what is actually going on in the photo. Having a photo with too much light can have the same effect, if everything is too bright, edges become indistinguishable. Medium light with one to two source is the best option. Zoom into your your product or if it is an individual, the face. If it is a subject rather than a product, fill the frame with the focal point as much as you are able to. If your subject has a background, make sure that it is uncluttered or not to noisy.

A noisy background detracts from the subject and makes the overall picture appear to busy. When taking pictures of a product, the same rule applies, no busy backgrounds. It is recommended to only shoot products on a white or one color background. Keeping the item in the middle of the frame and making sure that there is a border of open background. Cropping the image to close to the product is less appealing.

Making a visual connection is one of the most important ways to interact with your customers. Keeping the images related to you and your company and taking the time to produce a quality image has great benefits., Inc. BBB Business Review