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Google Plus Reviews
(10/22/2014 3:26:19 PM)

Almost everybody uses Google to get directions to places. It is as simple as typing in two different addresses and Google will find you multiple ways to arrive to your certain destination. Google will provide you with the distance between the two places, the time it will take to travel, traffic delays, street names, and other information such as phone numbers or pictures. But did you know that you can also read a description of the certain location and reviews from other users?

    If you type in the name of the business or the address, Google will pull up your results, along with other options of related businesses. Under the name of the business is the address, city, and zip code. Also for most businesses the office hours will be posted, along with a website and phone number. Certain businesses will also include an image of the building. For most, under the image will have the business’s description and reviews. Looking at the reviews and description is super easy as clicking on any of the blue text.

    When you click on the links it will pull up a full page about the specific business. Again, you will have the contact information, photos, and review summary. Again, it is super easy to read and add reviews. All it takes is a Google Plus account and a click. So, as a business owner, why would you need to know this?

    As mentioned before it is super easy to read and add reviews, this can be a pro and a con for your company. If you were to receive a negative review, a lot of people would see that particular review. This would not boost the image of your company, especially since Google will provide the viewer with related companies, probably with better reviews. Although, if your company receives more positive reviews it can higher your star rating. Giving you a better image for your business.

    This Google Plus feature is super effective for both the customer and the business owner. This allows the customer to view everything they need to know about the business in some quick clicks, and if there is positive feedback, it will allow for more customers to review your page., Inc. BBB Business Review