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Responding to Your Screen
(6/25/2014 12:41:00 PM)

Old Websites. New Websites. Boring Websites. Award-Winning Websites. Responsive Websites? Today, the world is an ever-changing sphere of technology via the Internet. Kids growing up with state of the art technology, teenagers utilizing technology to learn, and the respected elderly playing catch-up on yesterday’s new release. The Internet has grown and is growing exponentially and has allowed us to reach a market we once deemed impossible. Many businesses and individuals have tapped into this sizable market but are they adapting to the rate that the industry is changing at?

Responsive web design, as mentioned above, is a relatively new feature in web design and allows businesses and individuals to connect with customers or friends on a plethora of devices. The features of Responsive Design include a single URL, flexible grid system, adaptive images, and adjusting screen resolutions. With all of these features combined, individuals can see advantages of saved time, saved money, improved search engine optimization, and better performance. In a poll, 45% of mobile users said that most websites were not only hard to interact with but hard to navigate. Essentially, while there is an existing figure of 1.6 billion individuals using desktops to browse the Internet, mobile and tablet navigation will soon surpass desktop users. By adapting and allowing your website to be used on multiple devices you are creating a user experience customers will return too countless times., Inc. BBB Business Review