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Bootstrap For A Secure Fit in Web Development
(7/2/2014 11:38:58 AM)

The past couple of weeks we have discussed a relatively new concept within web development called, Responsive web design. In summary, Responsive web design allows you and your business to reach a broader customer market through cross-platform use. For more information on Responsive web design and the mobile application of it, check out our other blogs.

Here at YourSolution.Net, our skilled team makes use of the Responsive web feature through the programming language of Bootstrap.

Bootstrap programming language is an open source framework for JavaScript. Today, JavaScript is used to create an interactive interface for websites and Open Source software where the original code has been made available to be redistributed and modified. Bootstrap itself uses the coding languages: CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Created in 2010 for Twitter by Twitter, it was released only a year later in August of 2011.

The intent for Bootstrap was to create a universal framework for engineers at Twitter. This was to help reduce past issues with inconsistencies between code and time spent going back to these problems to fix and keep up with maintenance. Bootstrap takes customizable website design elements and other tools or functions and wraps them up together. Better yet, all of the elements in bootstrap work together and the user can have peace of mind when using multiple functions.

Another ability Bootstrap offers is its responsive interface functionality. This is important because web pages today are viewed on a wide array of devices including mobile phones and tablets and no longer only computer monitors.  Bootstrap makes use of a grid design system that helps layout a page and helps create a guide for responsive content. It also offers extensive plugin selection for jQuery, which is a cross-platform library for JavaScript that helps client side HTML scripting become less complicated and easier to use.

Bootstrap is constantly being maintained on and developed further everyday. Currently the newest version available is Bootstrap 3. This new release allows quicker website building and pre-created widgets to choose from yet is still customizable and user friendly. A new design has also been introduced through Bootstrap 3, Flat design. Many users appreciate Flat design because its functionality is extremely useful with cutting unneeded items and speeding up the repaint time.

Always improving, Bootstrap is a great framework system that allows users to quickly and accurately build responsive websites. It provides a wide range of functions, widgets, designs, and plugins that all work together with ease.  Bootstrap allows for customization, better formatting, multiple platform usage, responsive design, and all in all is a great universal tool.

Utilize Bootstrap and Responsive web design today through YourSolution.Net and allow us to help you succeed in the growing mobile market., Inc. BBB Business Review