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What is Content Marketing?
(7/9/2014 9:00:00 AM)

Content Marketing is pretty much understood as a marketing method of creating and distributing useful and valuable content to a particular audience with an objective of driving profitable customer gains. Essentially, Content Marketing is a vehicle used to communicate valued information with your customers and friends without selling to them. (Which they will love!)

In 2011, Content Marketing was one of the top growing marketing fields and is continuing to grow exponentially with individuals utilizing its benefits. Let’s dive a little more into the goals and benefits of Content Marketing.

The most widely used goal of Content Marketing is brand awareness. Most companies will use this tactic to increase customer’s awareness of their company and their logo for future business. Following close behind brand awareness is the goal of customer acquisition. By creating content that customers will share and use generates new customer interest and potential acquisition. However, it is crucial that the content you create will generate interest and make customers want to share. (Check back for updates on how to create interesting content) The final goals of Content Marketing are pretty straightforward and include lead generation and customer retention/loyalty. Fostering a place where your customers are comfortable and enjoy coming back to will allow you to generate a business of repeat customers and happy customers.

Benefits. Inbound links. Indexed pages. More benefits. In a poll, people reported that interesting content is a top 3 reason why they follow a particular brand on social media. Companies with blogs have reported that they have seen an increase of over 400% in indexed pages and a 97% increase in indexed links. Wow!! They also have seen 55% more visitors to their site and marketers believe that blogs are the most valuable type of content available to drive that traffic. More importantly, 70% of customers say that they prefer plunging into a company through articles rather than ads. Also, 60% of those customers voted that they gain more positive vibes about a company after reading custom content on that site. Positive vibes + more pages + more links = bigger slice of cake for your business in the online world.

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