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Reaching Out with Engaging Content
(7/16/2014 9:30:00 AM)

Companies around the world are slowly adapting to today’s ever-changing society and technologic future. In order to keep customer retention/loyalty up and to offer functional information these companies have migrated to an efficient system of Content Management tactics. Employing these tactics, companies have seen effective results in the fields of risk mitigation, lead generation, scoring, and nurturing. Let’s take a closer look at what these tactics specifically are and which ones you can start using today.

The most popular tactic of Content Marketing is, of course, social media. Everyone seems to be on his or her mobile gadgets and fancy doohickeys now days. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. YouTube. What do all these media/social vehicles have in common besides being a massive black hole where time magically disappears? All of these and some unmentioned have been employed by companies to be used as their choice of content distribution. Twitter (55%) being the most popular choice followed by Facebook (54%), LinkedIn (51%), YouTube (38%), and Other holding at 8%. Following social media, marketers have tapped into blogging as a reputable source for disturbing their content. Companies have also utilized e-newsletters, print newsletters, videos, podcasts, print magazines, research reports, newspapers and even case studies. For larger companies (1,000 employees or more) research suggests that 9 are the average for how many tactics are used and implemented. Smaller companies (You too can make Fortune magazine) with 10 or less employees have shown to only implement and use 6 tactics on average. Whatever the number of tactics you choose to pick, just make sure you are using one of them to help distribute your content.

Now, you may be sitting there thinking that using social media or blogs to distribute content seems easy. Or you may be thinking, “How do I even begin?” Before starting, marketers suggested that the biggest challenge producing content is producing engaging content as well as enough content. Hopefully, this blog series about Content Marketing will give you some tips on how to generate that engaging content and how to get enough of it.

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