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Account and Verify
(8/6/2014 9:30:00 AM)

Thanks for coming back and checking out the second installment of this Local Listing blog series. This sequel has some important info as it will provide a brief overview of how to get started and listed on Google’s local listing service.

Step 1 of Google+ Local is you will need a Google account. After you get your Google account set up you will need to determine what business category you are. Categories such as storefront or service oriented businesses may be options for you and your business. Once selected you will enter your personal information as well as your business information and details. Upon completion, Google requests that you verify you are a real entity and a real business. You can request to be verified via postcard or by phone. (It is really crucial everything matches up and is congruent, otherwise Google will not verify your listing) Once you receive your verification and assure Google you are real with your confirmation code, you will be listed as a local listing in Google searches. We will link the URL of Google’s help page of setting up a local listing account at the bottom if you find yourself running into any problems.

Having yourself listed in local searches could help you see significant increases in customers or traffic to your website for your service. Ensure that your publicly displayed information is accurate and your hours of operations are listed, as this is all available for people to see. The benefit of using local listing instead of a normal Google+ page is the ability for individuals to see your business when searching for related services or products. Google has enabled current locations on your computer to search for results that are local to you and the near proximity. Great benefit for them but better benefit for you. So, the next time they are searching for the best dentist for their kids and want something close, your business will appear with all its glory. (Reviews, info, photos and everything) Encourage customers and previous clients to leave reviews, as it will only help with future customers and their decision to pick you. What are you waiting for? Get it started today for you and your business. Tap into the World Wide Web and utilize the benefits it is offering to help you become a fabric of the local city you wish to thrive in.

This link is for the homepage of Google+ Local and how you can search for businesses.

This link is for the business owners who wish to get started with Google+ Local. Check it out., Inc. BBB Business Review