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Social Media Marketing
(8/14/2014 3:40:48 PM)

social media

The push, the struggle, surviving over the others and making a name in an endless name-filled world. Getting out there and making connections is a must, now a days. Having people talk, acknowledge, and recommend you and your business, increasing sales increases the network for potential. Infomercials, flyers, and websites are all ways to spread the word however there are also many other ways to reach possible customers. The big word floating around today in attracting customers is social media marketing. According to the Cambridge Business English Dictionary, the definition of social media marketing is: methods for advertising products, services, or brands using the internet, by attracting the interest of groups of people who discuss them, make suggestions about them, etc.

Social media marketing is relatively new, still in its early stages of learning to walk, well more like running really fast, having businesses big and small chasing after it. Social Media and its benefits to business is huge. The internet is a very large place, reaching many people. The people it reaches are not all the same either and that's beautiful in itself. Why? Well here is the chance to reach out and create new bridges to people never expected to pay attention to your product. Connecting through social media also helps maintain the connections that were made. Once people know about the company, social media offers a way to share experiences and get the word out. They then talk about it to their friends whom then pass it along to others. Causing the company more traffic on it’s site and expanding sales.

Social media can also be more affordable than traditional marketing. No longer is the cost of ink, paper, and printing as well as the cost to send those fancy pamphlets out in the mail. Sending emails or notifications are quicker as well. Your clients can also contact you back, with issues, comments, or reviews. This feedback if responded to right can create a loyal customer community and fix unknown problems promptly. Customers can connect with each other, expressing delight in a product, useful tips, and what they recommend.

There are many ways to go about social marketing, and multiple processes usually work together to create a stronger platform to get the company out there. Some of these ways include, using twitter, facebook, youtube, and others similar to advertise. SEO writing and blogging are other ways to get attention and connecting to your customers by providing customer services are all forms of social marketing. Social marketing being a new concept has very few set guidelines and the business can experiment to see what works best to suit its needs., Inc. BBB Business Review