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SQL: A Comparison
(8/26/2014 4:54:00 PM)

SQL is a specialized programming language designed to manage large amounts of data contained in a relational database management system (RDBMS). Unlike most programming languages, there are several different versions and iterations that build on the core concepts of SQL. Several different companies have developed their own version of SQL.

Microsoft has SQL Server while The Oracle Corporation has “Oracle”. These two, along with the open source implementation, MySQL, compose the three most popular versions of the SQL programming language. As one might expect, Microsoft’s SQL Server operates only on Windows based operating system, making ASP.NET the obvious choice for back-end server scripting. MySQL and Oracle have a considerably wider audience, featuring the ability to operate on OS X, Windows, and Linux. This would potentially allow a variety of scripting languages to be used, not the least of which being PHP. 

Oracle was original developed in 1977 using Assembly. Since then, Oracle has faithfully maintained and updated the language. Oracle has remained a big name in the database industry largely because of how it adapts to trends and changes in the market. Featuring the latest compilers and database keywords that make interacting with the database easier than ever.

MYSQL is an open source project, originally developed for personal and non-profit use, rather than commercial use. It is mainly intended for individuals who maintain their own websites. MySQL has been consistently updated since its initial release in the mid-1990s. MySQL was purchased by Sun Microsystems in 2008. Sun was then purchased by Oracle the following year, as a result, the rights to MySQL remain in the hands of Oracle to this day.

SQL Server stepped into the database industry in the mid-1990s, having purchased the rights to the Sybase SQL Server from Sybase. Microsoft’s SQL Server is the easy choice for us here at YourSolution.NET. We almost exclusively use Microsoft software, and the hosting servers we use are all Windows based. ASP.NET provides a vast library of functions and features specially designed to create beautiful, elegant, dynamic web pages. Not to mention Microsoft’s very own server scripting language, C# (C-Sharp) is a beautiful and elegant programming language itself. Borrowing ideas and syntax from Java and C, making C# incredibly easy to use and debug. SQL Server interfaces nicely with C# and ASP.NET via Visual Studio, which unifies all the tools you need to make an awesome website., Inc. BBB Business Review